Step 1: Provide proof of your diploma

You have successfully completed the required diploma and have proof (copy of diploma or temporary certificate of achievement).

In order to enrol in…… you must have…
a Vocational Bachelor’s degreea DUT or BTS diploma
3rd-year of a Bachelor’s degreea Bac+2 level diploma
1st-year of a Master’s degreea Bachelor’s degree
2nd-year of a Master’s degree1st-year Master’s degree

If you are unable to provide proof of diploma or if you have a validation of studies application pending (bachelor’s degree, diploma from a private institution, etc.), then you cannot enrol online and must contact the faculty directly to explain your situation (see the list of contacts).

Step 2: Pay the CVEC fee

Step 3: Enrol online

Step 4: Activate the ENT account if this is your first enrolment at UA

Step 5: Submit supporting documents online


Enrolment is open from July 8 at 2 p.m. to July 19, 2024 at noon.

Still have questions?

Contact the International Office.