UA does not provide accommodation for students, but on this page, you will find some tips to guide you in your search. There are various types of accommodation in Angers, but you can avoid unnecessary stress by searching for accommodation as early as possible.

There are several housing solutions: a room at the student hall of residence with the Crous, a room at a private student hall of residence, a private rental (apartment or room), social housing, flatsharing, intergenerational shared housing, youth homes…

The demand for accommodation in Angers is very high in September. Start your search early and consider extending it to the neighbouring suburbs of Angers which are serviced by public transport:

  • Beaucouzé is served by lines 2 and 4
  • Saint Barthélémy d’Anjou is served by line 2
  • Saint Sylvain d’Anjou is served by line 10
  • Trélazé is served by lines 1 and 10
  • Avrillé is served by lines 3 and 7 as well as tram A
  • Mûrs-Erigné is served by line 3
  • Montreuil-Juigné is served by line 7
  • Les Ponts-de-Cé is served by lines 3 and 9
  • Saint-Gemmes-sur-Loire is served by line 8
  • Bouchemaine is served by line 6
  • Ecouflant is served by line 12

Good to know

Your obligations

In order to sign your rental agreement (bail) you will have to:

  • Find a guarantor (or third-party guarantee)
    This is a natural or legal person who undertakes to pay the rent in the event of default by the tenant.
    If you do not have a guarantor, the garantie visale can help you.
  • Pay a security deposit
    This is a sum of money requested upon entry to the rental and is intended to cover any possible damages. This sum is collected by the owner (loueur). It will be fully refunded by the owner within one month after the inventory of fixtures or upon return of the keys if the accommodation is returned without damage.
    Locapass can provide an advance for the security deposit.
  • Subscribe to home insurance (assurance habitation)
    The insurance contract covers your personal liability and protects your home and its content against risks (water damage, fire, theft, etc.). It is compulsory.
  • Pay your rent (loyer) every month
    You will receive proof of payment (Quittance de loyer) when you pay your rent.
    APL: (Aide Personnalisée au Logement) of the CAF can help you finance part of your rent.

When you vacate your accommodation:

You will have to give notice: This is the period of time that a tenant must respect before leaving his or her accommodation. It is one month for a furnished rental and three months for an empty rented accommodation, except in large conurbations or tense areas.

Any questions ?

ADIL49 offers free, neutral and comprehensive information on all legal, financial and tax issues relating to housing. Make an appointment.

City of Angers

The City of Angers offers a housing guide. With its practical advice, the guide “My first accommodation” will help you in your first steps and throughout your rental. Consult the guide

The J, Angers connected youth informs young people aged 15 to 30 in all areas of daily life (jobs, studies, housing, leisure, etc.) and offers on its premises:

  • precise and complete information, to help young people in their search for accommodation by providing the “My first accommodation” guide as well as a list of useful addresses, a list of consumer defence associations, a list of useful websites and a space for private housing ads… and whatever the problem, the J can relay to requests to specialized structures…
  • a personalized information service, provided by the Service Logement Jeunes (SLJ – association for housing for young people) without an appointment on Thursdays from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. (Information and help on finding accommodation, search techniques, housing budget, housing aid). They also receive the public from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Consult the interactive map of student accommodation in Angers. It lists all public and private university residences, hostel accommodation and Crous accommodation.

Angers Loire Metropole

Accueil Logement – ​​Angers Loire Métropole: this service informs and guides people searching for accommodation and those who encounter difficulties related to their accommodation.


A housing reception unit informs and guides you in your search for accommodation, from 31 August to 6 October 2023, from 10 a.m. to 12 noon and from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., at 8 Boulevard Beaussier.

Warning signs

  • A rent excluding utilities that is well below market prices (less than €230 for a room or studio, €400 for a T1 bis and €500 for a T2);
  • A poorly written ad with spelling errors;
  • A landlord who cannot meet you (for example, indicating that he/she is abroad);
  • Accommodation offered in return for services rendered (except for known schemes);
  • Requests for payment in cash, money orders or prepaid cards

A few basic guidelines to apply to your search

  • Check that the accommodation exists;
  • Do not rely on photos, go to the property, look on the internet… ;
  • Do not pay any money (in cash, money orders or prepaid cards) to block or to visit a room before signing the lease;
  • Have someone accompany you when you visit the accommodation;
  • Send crossed-out copies of personal documents (identity papers) to limit the risk of identity theft.
  • Action logement :
    • Aide MOBILI-JEUNE : this grant covers part of the rent (between €10 and €100 maximum) each month for a maximum of one year. It is aimed at young people under 30 years of age, in work-linked training (under an apprenticeship or professionalization contract).
  • ViaHumanis : If you are alternating in a private company of +10 employees, and you have to move more than 70km from your current home, ViaHumanis offers solutions to support you in your search for housing. ViaHumanis Angers : 02 52 70 04 01 |

DossierFacile is a platform that aims to increase its user’s chances of obtaining a visit by helping them to compile a clear and complete file for the owners.

  1. Upload your supporting documents.
  2. DossierFacile verifies the completeness of the file and validates it.
  3. Your file is ready to be sent to the owners in a secure way: via URL link or in PDF format.

Where to search

Go to Studapart

Are you a student at UA and looking for accommodation in Angers or elsewhere in France?

This platform allows you to carry out all steps from the rental file to the reservation of the accommodation. To get started, whether you are a French or an international student, click on “Espace Locataire” and register either with your UA login or with your personal email address (you will then have to provide the Housingua code or proof of admission to a course at the University of Angers).

To understand everything about Studapart, follow the online session offered July 5 at 5 pm, July 13 at 5 pm, August 7 at 5 pm.

Why use Studapart

  • Personalized support throughout the stages of your rental (chat, email, telephone support).
  • The Studapart guarantee: since it is difficult to rent without a guarantor in France, Studapart can act as guarantor for the entire rental period.
  • Thanks to a partnership with Allianz, your file will be reinforced with all rental companies, on Studapart or elsewhere.
  • The exclusivity of advertisements: access to a range of accommodation intended solely for the University of Angers community.
  • Offers everywhere in France.
  • A platform accessible in several languages.

You are the owner

To rent accommodation or a room to UA students, you can place your ad on the platform by clicking on « Espace Propriétaire ».

Crous student halls of residence are by far the cheapest student accommodation available on the market. They are all in close proximity to UA campuses and it is a great way to meet other students.

Students residing in France

The submission of an application via the Student Social File (DSE) must be made between March 23 and May 31 on the portal:

International students

Submit your housing application from July 11, 2023 on => Find housing. The priority criteria are available on the Crous website

International exchange students

Contact the International Office at

Frequently asked questions

I am not a scholarship holder, can I benefit from CROUS accommodation?
Yes. On the other hand, scholarship holders (depending on their level) are given priority during the award.

I am out of time to submit my request… what should I do?
Complete your application as quickly as possible by completing your DSE online and sending the requested supporting documents. If your request is not successful for the wishes you have made, a procedure for registering on the waiting list will be indicated to you.

My accommodation request has been accepted, what should I do?
The instructions for confirming your reservation are specified in your notification. This confirmation is to be made on the student life portal (link above). Please note that the confirmation time for your reservation is short!

Several private student halls of residence are available in Angers, close to the campuses. They generally offer extra services (cafeteria, laundry, security…).

All over France and Pays de la Loire

  • The this platform will help you find your private student hall of residence all over France.
  • The Habitat Jeunes network offers accommodation in hostels of the Pays de la Loire.

On the Belle-Beille Campus

On Saint Serge Campus

In and outside Angers

  • Les Estudines: offers housing from one-room studios to three-room apartments.
  • Résidence Athlétis in the adjecent city of Ponts-de Cé: offers housing from one-room studios to four-room apartments. (In French only)
  • WestCampus Angers in Saint Barthélémy d’Anjou: offers one-room studios from 21m² to 28m².

You can find more residences and hostels for students in the housing guide from the city of Angers.

The list below contains websites with ads for apartments or rooms on the private market (In French only).

Be careful and stay vigilant! Some ads may be fraudulent.

Check out local flat-sharing ads on these websites :

Give a little of your time in exchange for affordable accommodation

The association “Le temps pour toiT” lists inter-generational home-sharing offers in the Angers metropolitan area.

Learn more (in French only)

The Ensemble2générations association offers students the chance to live with older people.

Colibree and Camarage also offer intergenerational housing solutions. They offer a 100% digital service that puts a student in touch with an independent retired person with the aim of sharing accommodation.

Apply for social housing (HLM) on the Maine-et-Loire housing application site.

Some social landlords have housing allocated on a priority basis to students.

Youth homes are a temporary solution for young workers, students, interns, etc. from the ages 16 to 30. See the list of youth homes in the Angers area.

URHAJ Pays de la Loire:  This website offers accommodations in youth homes

or contact :

  • Résidence Harmattan
    The association Habitat Jeunes David d’Angers offers you a residence of 116 rooms near the city center of Angers.
  • Foyer Justice
    The association Habitat Jeunes David d’Angers offers you a 6 rooms in Angers.
  • Foyer Cordelle
    The association Habitat Jeunes David d’Angers offers you a 21 rooms in the center of Angers.
  • Foyer David d’Angers
    The association Habitat Jeunes David d’Angers offers you a 92 rooms in the center of Angers.
  • Foyer Darwin
     The association AFTAIB – Foyer Darwin offers you a residence of 119 rooms in Angers.

Some of you may be looking for temporary accommodation. Here are several tips that may be useful if you are looking for accommodation for a few days or weeks.

  • HTH – Temporary accommodation in a private home

Live the experience of accommodation in a home! 15€ per night, up to 250€ per month (270€ winter month)

> Registration from 16 August
> Habitat Jeunes David d’Angers – 22 rue David d’Angers 49100 ANGERS
> 02 41 24 37 37
> hth.ahjda@gmail.com