Exchange students

You can register for courses and get your student card by making an appointment with the Faculty Student Administration Office.

  1. Go to your Faculty’s Student Administration Office (scolarité) to register.
  2. Collect your certificate of enrolment and student card.
  3. Make an appointment with the International Office to collect your Welcome pack and receive help with administrative formalities.

Non-exchange students

You have applied through:

Pass Sup’ student card

The Pass Sup’ multi-service card is your student card.

It allows you to:

  • prove your student status (e.g. as identification for exams),
  • take out books or documents from the University Libraries (BU),
  • have 2 electronic wallets to pay for meals at the RU and print documents at the BU,
  • register for sports activities at the SUAPS,
  • benefit from student rates for concerts, shows and events organised by the Culture Department.

Still have questions ?

Contact the International Office.