Exchange students

You can register for courses and get your student card by making an appointment with the Faculty’s Student Administration Office.

  1. Go to your faculty’s Student Administration Office to register.
  2. Collect your school certificate and student card.

Non-exchange students

International student passed by ParcoursupConsult the dedicated procedure
International student passed by E-candidatConsult the dedicated procedure
International student passed by
Mon master
Consult the dedicated procedure

For students from Campus France or DAP-Licence 1

Non-exchange students must pay the enrolment fee and the CVEC (Student and Campus Life Contribution) before they can register at the university. This contribution is intended to improve campus life and student support, and it is due each year.

Enrolment fees:

  • Bachelor’s degree: 170€
  • Master’s degree: 243€
  • Engineering diploma: 601€
  • Doctorate: 380€

CVEC : 100 €

1. How to pay the CVEC

If you need to apply for a visa to study in France, do not pay the CVEC until after you have obtained your visa.

2. Register with the faculty

  • Enrol directly at the Student Administration Office of your faculty and present your CVEC receipt
  • Get your enrolment certificate and your student card

PASS SUP student card

The Pass’Sup multi-service card is your student card.

It allows you to:

  • justify your status (e.g. as identification for exams),
  • borrow documents from the University Library (BU),
  • to have 2 electronic wallets for eating at the RU and printing documents at the BU,
  • to register for sports activities at the SUAPS
  • to benefit from student rates for concerts, shows and events organised by the Culture Department.

International Office

The International Office welcomes you and helps you before and throughout your stay. Benefit from an individual support in your formalities: French lessons, visa, health insurance, life at the UA, etc. Make an appointment online and come by to collect your welcome pack!

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