• I sign up for the Buddy System – more information
  • I make an appointment with the International Student Office – more information
  • I confirm my ENT student account with the information I have received – more information
  • I now have access to my e-mails, my schedule, my online courses, etc… – more information
  • I get my Pass Sup’ student card from the Student Administration Office at my faculty
  • I sign my learning agreement with the Student Administration Office at my faculty
  • I can make an appointment with the on-campus medical service SSU – more information
  • I have a disability: I contact the disability support service (Handi 3A) – more information
  • I can make an appointment with a social counsellor at the SSU – more information
  •  I fill in a student file DSE if I want a room at the student halls of residence (CROUS)
  • I go to the “Accommodation” webpage

More information


  • A confirm my Izly account to be able to eat at the university dining halls (RU) or cafeteria
  • I transfer my Izly account directly onto my student card

More informtion

  • I find out which transport solutions are available to me
  • I get a subscription is needed (bus, tram, train)
  • I get my FREE “rental” bike from Vélocité

More information

  • I get my Carte Culture UA and take part in the workshops and cultural events organised by UA – more information
  • I check out books and visit the UA galeries at the university libraries (BU) – more information